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Our Firm

AP&A, Inc. is a premier full- service boutique CPA firm that prides itself on highly personalized services and unsurpassed technical expertise that are the foundation of the firm.

Our Approach

We offer the sophisticated expertise and advanced knowledge of a large accounting firm with the personal attention and customized service only a smaller firm provides. Our apporach is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our practice is established based on the commitment to provide clients with the highest quality of service in a timely manner. Being client-focused and timely has helped us gain unshakable loyalty of all our clients.

Our CPAs Experience

Firm CPAs have over two decades of combined professional experience working in the large accounting firms listed among the top CPA firms in the nation providing wide ranges of services to businesses, executives and professionals.


Our firm specializes in tax, accounting and business advisory services. You can always be ensured that a Certified Public Accountant is looking out for you and your interests.


Throughout my career as a stuntman, stunt coordinator, DP, director and producer, one thing has always been clear to me. The best way to judge the talent, skill and courage of my colleagues is in the heat of battle, when things get hairy. This is true for stuntmen, camera operators, focus pullers, ADs, actors, directors, you name it. I now have to throw in tax planners. Within a week of Ali and Pirooz joining my team as CPAs, we were hit with an IRS audit covering two tax years with tax returns prepared by my recently retired accountant, Don Richards. It was a wide reaching, aggressive audit, looking at two corporations and also my personal returns. There were some big numbers being questioned. Scary. I was in South Africa directing and producing a TV series and not able to return to the US to be present for the hearing. Ali and Pirooz stepped up big. They attacked it with discipline and professionalism, working tirelessly to compile my records and deductions, putting the pieces together to support my position. Their in-depth knowledge of the IRS code was impressive and it allowed me to grasp the situation fully. They built a case that brought to bare a very favorable settlement at a fraction of the initial IRS demand. All this while keeping me calm and informed so as not to interfere with my job performance on the set. The auditor was impressed and so was I. True warriors.

If you are looking for an accounting firm it would be worth your time to interview with AP&A, Inc. They do both personal and corporate accounts.
~ J. Mark Donaldson
President of Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures

These guys are knowledgeable, know the entertainment industry and did my taxes and accounting accurately and timely. Absolutely love them.
~ Walter Scott
Stunt Performer

AP&A, Inc. filed my tax returns last year and I’m extremely satisfied with their services. As well as being personable and easy to work with, both Ali and Pirooz are very knowledgeable and understand our business, allowing them to get the best return possible. They have quickly gained my trust and I look forward to working with them for many years. These guys are great!
~ Brian Smrz